SHA26 Presentations

Presenting Doctor Presentation Title    
Abdelfatah Elasfar Toxic cardiomyopathy. What you need to Know! PDF
Abdelrahman Jamiel Case Presentation PDF
Abdu Al Khatabi Interesting echo cases (Fetal, TTE &TEE) PDF
Abdul Majeed S. Khan Post Resuscitation Care Prons & Cons   PDF
Abdul Majeed S. Khan Resuscitation research project   PDF
Abdulaziz Dammas Case Presentation PDF
Abdulaziz Saleem Albaradai Guidelines for Ascending Aotic Replacement PDF
Abdulbaset Sulaiman Positive Stress ECG: What is the next step? CT PDF
Abdulhakim Hamood Noman Entrainment of Wide Complex Tachycardia by Atrial Stimulation is Highly Accurate and can Rapidly Elucidate the Tachycardia Mechanism Through Analysis of Entrainment Response PDF
Abdulhalim Kinsara Case Presentation PDF
Abdullah Abdurhman Al Abdulgader Management of arrhythmia in patients with Ebstien's anomaly PDF
Abdullah Alghamdi Bidirectional Glenn with forward flow : CONS PDF
Abdullah AlKhushail PCI in Elderly PDF
Abdullah Ashmeq Results of Valve Sparing Aortic Root Replacement, Is it superior to Bentall ? PDF
Abdullah Esam Ghabashi Mid and long-term follow-up after TAVI - what have we learnt so far?(Cardiologist)   PDF
Abdulllah Alhuzaimi Pre Fontan investigations and preparation PDF
Abdulrahman Almoghairi CTO Intervention : When and Why ?? PDF
Adel Hammodi Ali Newly Developed Atrial Fibrillation in Liver Transplant Patient with Intravenous Dexmedetomedine Sedation   PDF
Adel Tash Mitral Repair vs. Replacement for patients with Severe LV dysfunction PDF
Adnan Almousa Pediatric CMR Tips and Tricks PDF
Adriaan Coenen Can Cardiac CT Provide Physiological Assessment of CAD?   PDF
Ahmad Aldriweesh Clinical Audit In Practice PDF
Ahmad Omran Introduction to 3D echocardiography, current applications, limitations and future directions PDF
Ahmad Omran Interesting 3D echocardiography cases: “Strangers inside the heart” PDF
Ahmed Al Saileek What Does Cardiac MRI and Cardiac CT Add to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Patients with HCM?   PDF
Ahmed AlJizeeri Interesting Case Presentation   PDF
Ahmed Badr Elwy Surgical Mitral Valve Replacement with Modified Melody Valve in Children   PDF
Ahmed Krimly Case 1   PDF
Aijaz Shah Case Presentation PDF
Aiman Ayesh AlShamaley Fibrinolytic Therapy and Poly-Valvular Heart Disease in Pediatric Patients   PDF
Akhter Mehmood Predictors for Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation in Children undergoing Cardiac Surgery   PDF
Alaa Abdelmoneim Mohamed Case Presentation PDF
Ala'a Tayiem Globesity: Prevention to Treatment   PDF
Ala'a Tayiem Effectiveness of Telephone Follow-up in Managing Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus PDF
Ali Alakhfash Interesting echo cases (Fetal, TTE &TEE) PDF
Ali Al-Ghamdi Primary PCI Program - NGHA, Riyadh PDF
Ali Al-Ghamdi FFR/iFR PDF
Ali Habib Perioperative use of Factor VII PDF
Ali S. AlMasood Chronic Heart Failure Latest Update PDF
Ali S. AlMasood Challenges in transcatheter aortic valve implantation (Cardiologist)   PDF
Amr Ajlan Is there a Role for Nuclear Cardiolgy in the Era of Cardiac CT: CT PDF
Amr Ajlan Rebuttal: Is there a Role for Nuclear Cardiolgy in the Era of Cardiac CT: CT PDF
Amr Talal Bannan Positive Stress ECG: What is the next step? Coronary Angiography PDF
Amr Talal Bannan Discussion: Saudi Perspective PDF
Anwar Jelani Heart of the matter about Diet and Cardiovascular disease PDF
Ashraf Badawi Cost Effectiveness of MSCT in the ER in developing countries PDF
Azam Shafquat ECG Cases   PDF
Azza Elsadiek Interesting Case Presentation   PDF
Bahaa M Fadel Discussion: Saudi Perspective PDF
Bahaa M Fadel Echo Is The Only Modality Needed to Identify the Etiology of Cardiomyopathy PDF
Bakir Bakir Results of Redo Cardiac Surgery in the Current Era   PDF
Bassam Bdeir Meeting and Beating the Diabetes Challenge   PDF
Bassam Sami Tayeb Cardiovascular Disease Risk Attributed to blood Fish Oil (Omega-3 fatty acid) Levels differ significantly in Saudi Men and Women PDF
Chiara Bucciarelli-Ducci Stress MRI in 2015, Is It Ready for Prime Time? PDF
Chiara Bucciarelli-Ducci Advances in Cardiac MRI: T1 mapping and beyond PDF
Dalia Mohamed Ahmed Interesting Case Presentation   PDF
Damien Kenny International guideline: Diagnosis of Eisenmenger syndrome PDF
Damien Kenny International guidelines: Management of Eisenmenger syndrome PDF
Duke Cameron Aortic Valve Repair Techniques for pediatric population PDF
Duke Cameron Tips for Valve Sparing Procedures in Tricuspid Valves PDF
Duke Cameron Tips for Ascending Aortic Surgery in Patients with CTD   PDF
Duke Cameron Tips and Tricks for Redo Aortic Root Surgery   PDF
Ebtisam Alkhattaby IDEAL Discharge Planning in Heart Failure PDF
Emad B. Mossad Anesthesia for fontan surgery PDF
Emad B. Mossad Update on pediatric cardiac anesthesia PDF
Emad B. Mossad Restoring hemostasis after pediatric cardiac surgery PDF
Ergun Baris Kaya HF in ACHD, can we apply same medications?   PDF
Ernesto Salcedo The Role of 3D TEE in the MitraClip Procedure PDF
Ernesto Salcedo Imaging Guidance in Perivalvular Leaks PDF
Ernesto Salcedo Is Intraoperative TEE Necessary during TAVR Procedure in Cath Lab? PDF
Fadi Bitar RV As Systemic Ventricle PDF
Faris Al Mousily Role of MRI in right ventricular assessment PDF
Farouq Oueida Complete vs. Incomplete Revascularization for Diffuse CAD PDF
Fausto Pinto Imaging and valvular disease PDF
Fausto Pinto Interventional cardiology PDF
Fausto Pinto Imaging in HF: Which, When, How PDF
Fausto Pinto Aortic disease PDF
Fausto Pinto Pulmonary Embolism PDF
Fausto Pinto The Role Of Scientific Societies In The Promotion Of Good Clinical Practice PDF
Fausto Pinto NOACs: RLE and new lines for investigation PDF
Fayez Bokhari L A appendage occlusion PDF
Fayez Bokhari An update on subcutaneous ICD (S-ICD)   PDF
Fiona Jacob Motivating Behavior Change: Motivational Interviewing in Nursing Practice   PDF
Gamal Abdin Hussein Smoking! What Cardiologists Need to Know PDF
Ghada Ahmed Aboalreesh Echo overview PDF
Ghormallah Al Zahrani Role of CT-angiography in risk assessment for coronary heart disease PDF
Giovanni Di Salvo Global and Regional Left Ventricular Function after Arterial Switch Operation: A Speckle Tracking Echocardiography Study   PDF
Gordon Depuey Is there a Role for Nuclear Cardiolgy in the Era of Cardiac CT: Nuclear PDF
Gordon Depuey Rebuttal: Is there a Role for Nuclear Cardiolgy in the Era of Cardiac CT: Nuclear PDF
Gordon Depuey What is new in Nuclear Myocardial Perfusion Imaging? PDF
Haitham Al Enezi ECG Cases   PDF
Hamoud Yahya Obied Hybrid Approach to Repair Type A Aortic Dissection: Combined Endovascular Superior Mesenteric Artery Stenting and Bental Procedure   PDF
Hanan Albackr Case Presentation PDF
Hanan Albackr Echocardiographic Assessment of Aortic Regurgitation PDF
Hani Mohamed Mahmoud Role of 3D TEE in Cath Lab in Structure Heart Disease Intervention PDF
Hassan Khalaf Primary PCI Program - PSCC, Qassim PDF
Hatim Kheirallah Osman Prince Sultan Cardiac experience on Mitral Clip   PDF
Hazem Gamal Bakr Role of Ascorbic Acid & Statin in reduction of the incidence of the Atrial Fibrillation in patients under B-blocker and undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Operation in Early Post-operative period   PDF
Hazem Gamal Bakr Role of Ascorbic Acid & Statin in reduction of the incidence of the Atrial Fibrillation in patients under B-blocker and undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Operation in Early Post-operative period   PDF
Heather Joan Ross Updates on Medical Therapy of Heart Failure in view of the Emerging New Evidences PDF
Heather Joan Ross Heart Failure Hemodynamic   PDF
Heather Joan Ross Surgical management and Transplant updates and guidelines   PDF
Hisham Aboul Einen ACS in Egypt   PDF
Howaida Alqethamy Introduction PDF
Huda Ismaeel Who is Supposed to Get a Bioprosthetic Mitral Valve in 2015?   PDF
Husam AlFaleh How Would I Treat This Case?   PDF
Hussam Hamadah The use of Bedside Critical Care US to detect Occult Diaphragmatic Paresis in Post-Operative Cardiac Children PDF
Hussam Hamadah Improved Outcome of Cardio-Pulmonary Arrest inn Post-Operative Cardiac Children Resuscitated in Critical Care Setup PDF
Hussein Saeed Amri Left Main PCI in 2015 PDF
Iyad Farah Tobacco Dependence: New Strategies and Management   PDF
Jamilah AlRahimi When Cath and Echo Do not Match   PDF
Jassim Abdulhamed Systemic venous abnormalities can be managed in cath lab PDF
Jean Bachet Aortic Dissection in Elderly patients, To Clamp or Not to Clamp PDF
Jean Bachet Should the Arch be Replaced in Type A Aortic Dissection PDF
Joseph Sabik Role of Arterial Revascularization in CABG. PDF
Joseph Sabik Alternative Incisional Approaches for Redo Cardiac Surgery   PDF
Joseph Sabik Role of Revascularization in patients with severe LV dysfunction (CS) PDF
Joseph Sabik Role of Endarterectomy and/or patching for Diffuse CAD PDF
Khaled Aljaser Trouble shooting and follow up of PPM PDF
Khalid Alattas Interesting Case PDF
Khalid Al-Habib EMS Care of STEMI Patients in the Gulf Region: Results of GULF RACE - 3 PDF
Khalid Al-Habib Update about SFL Progress in KSA PDF
Khalid Al-Habib Dyslipidemia Management Guidelines: Targets or Patients? PDF
Khalid Alnajashi Failing Fontan, causes and medical management PDF
Khalid Eskandar How to Prepare a Patient for Redo Cardiac Surgery   PDF
Khalid M Alharbi Personalized Medicine in Congenital Heart Diseases; Utilizing Next Generation Sequencing in Clinical Diagnostics & Research PDF
Khalid Rasadi Dyslipidemia in the Gulf PDF
Khalife Ashmeik Role of Echocardiography in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) PDF
Lim Swee Han BLS and AED a new prospect   PDF
Lim Swee Han What is new in 2015 ( ILCOR CoSTR )   PDF
Lukman Thalib Evidence Based Cardiology - An Introduction   PDF
Lukman Thalib Responding to the Reviewer's Comments PDF
Maha Mohammed AlDohan Comparing Risk Factors Profile in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease Who Underwent Cardiac Catheterization with those Revealed to have Normal Coronary Arteries: a Case-Control Study PDF
Mai Albarakati Morphology of right ventricle, It is not that simple PDF
Maie S Alshahid Case Presentation PDF
Mariella Akiki Devices and Heart Failure: Who Gets What? PDF
Mario Carminati Catheter intervention in PA/IVS PDF
Mario Carminati Bidirectional Glenn with forward flow : PROS PDF
Martina Douglas The Journey to Zero CLABSI: Impact of unit-based CLABSI prevention program PDF
Mary Koussayer Delirium in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care   PDF
Maryam Bukhamseen Speckle Tracking Strain Imaging: Tips and Tricks PDF
Mashael Alrujaib Interesting Case Presentation   PDF
Matteo Bertini Atrial Fibrillation between Drugs and Intervention: Where are we now? PDF
Mazen Al Ghamdi Primary PCI Program -Saudi Red Crescent Authority, Riyadh PDF
Mazen Faden Neuroprotection in pediatric cardiac surgery PDF
Mazeni Alwi Is there a role for catheter intervention in congenital tricuspid valve pathology PDF
Mazeni Alwi Management Algorithm in PA/IVS does it work all the time? PDF
Mazeni Alwi Neonatal tetralogy of Fallot: transcatheter palliation is better option PDF
Mesud Yelbuz Embryology of systemic veins PDF
Michel Komajda Heart Failure PDF
Michel Komajda Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy PDF
Milby Zacharias Making Sense of the Hypertension Guidelines   PDF
Mirvat Abdullah Alasnag Imaging the Patient Post-TAVI PDF
Mohamad Faeyz Dagestani Anomalous origin of Left Main artery arising from the right sinus of Valsava   PDF
Mohamed Saied Qasem Brucella Endocarditis of a Native Rheumatic Mitral Valve Stenosis: A case report and review of literatures   PDF
Mohamed Saied Qasem A case of a male with anorexia nervosa ,second degree heart block and subclinical LV systolic dysfunctions: A case report and review of the literature   PDF
Mohammed Alsuwaiyel CPR Portal Update (SADAD online)   PDF
Mohammed Arafah The Undertreatment of Hypercholesterolemia in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States PDF
Mohammed Ghormallah Al Ghamdi Case Presentation PDF
Mohammed Ghormallah Al Ghamdi How to prepare for the Clinical Examination PDF
Mohammed Ghormallah Al Ghamdi An Overview of Echo Technologist Training programs in the Kingdom PDF
Mohammed Kabbani Mechanical Ventilation and RV PDF
Mohammed Nawawe Jaha New Techniqes In Cath Lab PDF
Mohammed Shehatah Surgical repair in TOF , when and how ? PDF
Mohd Alshehri How Would I Treat This Case?   PDF
Muhammad Arif Khan Critical Pulmonary Valve Stenosis: Medical Management beyond balloon dilation PDF
Muhammad Arif Khan Recombinant Tissue Plasminogen Activator in Neonates: Potential Risks and Benefits PDF
Mushabab Al-Murayeh Case Presentation PDF
Mustafa AlRefae Case Presentation PDF
Mustafa Al-Shumairi Early Intevention for Mitral Regurgitation, What Does the Evidence Say? PDF
Mustafa Al-Shumairi CASE 3   PDF
Mustafa Al-Shumairi How Did I Treat This Case?   PDF
Nada Al Shayeb How to Assess Diastolic Function? What the Sonographer Needs to Know? PDF
Nasser Moiduddin New Echocardiogram Index Alternatives to MAPSE and TAPSE Z – scores in Children PDF
Ornella Milanesi Right ventricle assessment by echocardiography PDF
Ornella Milanesi Spectrum of pulmonary atresia intact septum (PA/IVS) PDF
Ornella Milanesi Pulmonary Hypertention and right ventricle; role of echocardiography PDF
Osama Abd El Raouf Case Presentation PDF
Osman Al Radhi Surgical management of Ebstien's anomaly PDF
Patricia Darmody Effectiveness of Heart Failure Management: What Are The Key Components? PDF
Patrick O'Gara The promises and challenges of Precision Medicine in the Current Era PDF
Patrick O'Gara Heart Failure Due to Valvular Heart Disease, Are We Wining? PDF
Raed Al Ali Organ Protection after cardiac surgery PDF
Raeed Sweidan ICDs: When to implant? and what device?   PDF
Rasha Abdulaziz Al-Harthi Does the Maximum Allowable Contrast Dose (MACD) predict the risk of Contrast Induced Nephropathy (CIN) in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) PDF
Ricardo Cury Cardiac CT and MRI: Advances in Technology PDF
Ricardo Cury Cardiac CT in the Emergency Room: Does it Make a Difference? The Miami Baptist Experience. PDF
Ricardo Cury How Can Cardiac CT Help in Diagnosis the Appropriate Patient for TAVR PDF
Rihab Agouba Left Ventricular Dysfunction after Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) Closure PDF
Riyadh M. Abu-Sulaiman PACHDA Report and Plans PDF
Robert Bonow Asymptomatic Valvular Disease, Which to Operate On? "In Theatres vs Coming Soon" PDF
Robert Welsh Moving Towards a Best Practice ACS Care Model in Canada PDF
Robert Welsh Assist devices! Do they improve outcomes and which one to use in what patient? PDF
Roberto Ferrari CAD/ACS   PDF
Roberto Ferrari Hypertension – Prevention   PDF
Roberto Ferrari Myocardial Revascularization PDF
Roberto Ferrari Non-cardiac surgery   PDF
Roberto Ferrari Short and long term effects of BP Lowering in Type 2 Diabetic patients PDF
Ruhaina Ladja Screening for Depression in Heart Disease: Using the Right Tools PDF
Saeed Al Ahmari Discussion: Saudi Perspective PDF
Saeed Al Ahmari TAVR: Experiences in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia PDF
Salah Eldien Altarabsheh Septal Myectomy for Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy in the Young Adults and Children   PDF
Samar Al Dhamadi Usefulness of Omega-3 fatty acids and The Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease PDF
Sameer Aldulikan Role of Technologist in Cardiac CT PDF
Samer Bazerbashi Does age affect survival in aortic dissection? 15 years single centre experience   PDF
Sami Abdo Al-Ahdal Atrioventricular Septal Defect and Tetralogy of Fallot: A 16 Year Experience   PDF
Serdar Kucukoglu Pathogenesis of HF in ACHD   PDF
Shamsuri Hj. Mohamad Pitfalls and Common Mistakes of Doppler Echocardiography (DE) in the Hemodynamic Assessment PDF
Shehla Jadoon Percutaneous balloon angioplasty for critical aortic coarctation in newborns and infants: Is it still a valid option?   PDF
Sumaya Alhelali Successful Surgical Repair of a Large Coronary Pseudoaneurysm in a Patient with Behcet's Disease   PDF
Sumaya Alhelali Every Patient with Cardiomyopathy Should Have a Cardiac MRI PDF
Suzanne Catherine Robertson-Malt Modifiable Cardiac Risk Factors: What Do Nurse-led Clinics Have to Offer?   PDF
Suzanne Catherine Robertson-Malt Patient Centered Care: Advanced Communication and Assessment Skills PDF
Suzanne Catherine Robertson-Malt Optimizing Patient Adherence   PDF
Syed Shahid Habib Joint Effect of Acute Myocardial Infarction on Lipoprotein(a), C-Reactive Protein and Markers of Haemostasis PDF
Tara Conboy Practical Recommendations for Self-Management PDF
Tarek Kashour Basics of Cath Hemodynamic   PDF
Tarek Kashour Primary PCI Program - King Fahad Cardiac Center, Riyadh PDF
Tarek Momena Interesting Case   PDF
Tayeeb Alameen Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction (HFpEF): Whats New? PDF
Thierry Gillbert Arrhythmias PDF
Thierry Gillbert Prevention arrhythmias PDF
Turki Albacker Repair Techniques for Rheumatic Mitral regurgitation PDF
Turki Albacker Current Opportunities in Cardiac Surgery Training PDF
Turki Albacker Should the DTA be addressed in Type A Dissection, Role of FET PDF
Waleed Al Manee Management of arrhythmia in Fontan patients PDF
Waleed Al-Habib Advances in Applying Quality Measures for Heart Failure Care   PDF
Waleed Al-Habib Medical Therapy for Ischemic Cardiomyopathy (HF) PDF
Waqar Ahmed Take Home message PDF
Wesam Alhejily How Would I Treat This Case?   PDF
Yahya AlHebaishi What is new in CRT?   PDF
Yahya AlHebaishi Indications and Timing for ICD and CRT in Ischemic Cardiomyopathy (HF) PDF
Yaseen Arabi Discussion: Saudi Perspective PDF
Yvonne Kaveney Lost in Transition: Bridging the Gap from Paediatric to Adult Congenital Heart Care PDF
Zaher Faisal Restrictive RV physiology, ICU managmnent PDF
Zahid Mahmood Khan Hybrid Aortic Surgery: Our early experience   PDF
Zakria Almasri Palliative Care in Patients with Advanced Heart Disease   PDF
Ziad Issa Interesting echo cases (Fetal, TTE &TEE) PDF
Zohair Y. Al Halees LVD with Poor Coronary Targets, To Bypass or to Transplant (CS) PDF
Zuzana Kaifoszova Overview of the Stent for Life Initiative PDF