Saudi Prevent2014

Presenting Doctor Presentation Title    
Aashish Contractor Prevention and Cardiac Rehabilitation in Low and Middle Income Countries
Aashish Contractor What Type of Cardiac Patient Should Benefit from the Program  
David Wood Lifestyles of coronary patients: results from EUROASPIRE IV survey across 26 countries  
David Wood Cardiac Rehablitation is yesterday service; Tomorrow is preventive cardiology
Fahad AlNouri Introduction to Cardiac Rehabilitation  
Fayez Basta Cigarette Smoking and CVD
H. Mutwalli Exercise Prescription  
J. Basahi Strategic Program for Tobacco Smoking Control
James Stone Prevention and Cardiac Rehabilitation in High Income Country, Why Underutilized?
James Stone Group of Small Muscles exercise vs. Large Muscles Exercise in CVD Outcome  
James Stone CHF and Exercise: What are the Lesson Learned from HF-Action and Previous RCT
James Stone Group of Small Muscles exercise vs. Large Muscles Exercise in CVD Outcome
K. Al-Rubeaan DM and CVD in Saudi Arabia; What are The Strategic Plan to Achieve 25/25 Goal
Khalid Alnemer Mediterranean Diet and CVD
M. Dauad Intensive Control of Hyperglycemia Impact on CAD  
N. Albriki E-Cigarette
N. Wong Global Risk Assessment from Framingham to the Latest Guidelines - What Scoring System We Should Use
N. Wong Screening for Atherosclerosis in Asymptomatic Patients: Implication of New Guidelines
N. Wong HDL-C And Cardiovascular Disease: Implication from Recent Trials and Should This Still be a Target?
Najeeb Jaha Overview On Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation; How Can this be Maintained
O. Abdulaal DM Prediction and Prevention; What is Better Life Style or the Pills, Does Exercise Have Influence on Diabetic Gene
R. Al Amoudi Diabetic Medication and CVD
Reem Al Tameemi Dietary Overview on Cardio-Metabolic and CVD
S. Kopecky Global Risk Stratication for Hyperlipidemia:Implication of New Guidelines
S. Kopecky Benefits of Risk Factor and Lifestyle Management from Conception to Adolescence
S. Kopecky Renal Function as Independent Risk Factors: What is the Goal for Prevention?
S. Smith New ACC/AHA Guidelines for Lipid Lowering Therapy to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk  
Sabah Al Harbi Management of Tobacco Dependency