Second Saudi Heart Failure Group Conference 2013

Presenting Doctor Presentation Title  
Abdelfatah Elasfar Controversies in denition and diagnosis.
Abdelfatah Elasfar Asthma/COPD and heart failure.
Abdiqani Qasim Heart Failure Disease Management Program (King Fahad Medical City Experience)
Abdullah Alwadai New therapy for pediatric HF.
Ali Almasood Obstacles of HTx in Saudi Arabia.
Antonio Calafiore Heart Transplant Vs Conventional Surgery in Severe CMP.
Atli Eyolfsson Long term VAD as destination therapy.
Dagmar Knot How to setup nurse led clinic?
Dagmar Knot Patient assessment and problem solving mechanism.
Fadwa Alkhoraisi HF medication titration protocols
Finn Gustafsson Controversies in non-pharmacological management.
Hannan AlBackr Diastolic heart failure is a cardiac problem.
Hannan AlBackr Non-invasive assessment of hemodynamics.
Joseph G. Akar CRT from patient selection to therapy optimization.
Khalid Al Habib Saudi Heart Association
Khalid Alhabib HEARTS, final data.
Maie Al Shahid Low gradient AS, how to stratify by echo?
Mirvat Alasnag Anemia and Heart failure.
Mohammed Takroni HF exercise /rehabilitation programs.
Nathem Alakhras Controversies in pharmacological management.
Nedim Selimovic Pulmonary hypertension and heart failure.
Owayed Al-Shammeri ACS and HF.
Paul Kantor Update in guidelines for pediatric HF.
Paul Kantor Rate control in pediatric HF.
Paul Mohacsi BNP targeted therapy improves HF management.
Piotr Ponikowski Controversies in management of acute heart failure.
Piotr Ponikowski Recent Updates in Acute HF Therapies (Satellite symposium sponsored by Novartis)
Saeed Al Ahmari Imaging of the neglected ventricle.
Samih Lawand Diastolic heart failure it is not a cardiac problem.
Soliman Kharabsheh Diabetes and Heart failure.
Yahya Alhebaishi CRT from patient selection to therapy optimization.
Yahya Alhebaishi Optimizing the use of inotropes.
Zohair Alhalees Mitral valve surgeries in pts with dilated CM.