Presenting Doctor Presentation Title    
Abdelfatah Elasfar HEARTS registry   click here
Abdelfatah Elasfar Heart failure with preserved EF, updates? click here
Abdiqani Qasim Role of Nurse in HF management programs click here
Ahmad Fathalla CT, PET scan and nuclear medicine in heart failure   click here
Ali Almasood Aggressive versus conservative diuresis in ADHF   click here
Ali Almasood Mitral valve repair Vs Clip   click here
Andrew Redington Heart failure in children with congenital heart diseases, are they different? click here
Gilbert Mudge The LVAD as Destination Therapy   click here
Gilbert Mudge Strategic approaches for advanced Heart failure click here
John B. O`Connell When should we decide for Ultrafiltration Therapy?   click here
John B. O`Connell Implantable Hemodynamic Monitoring   click here
John Cleland Renal Dysfunction in Patients with Heart Failure: Etiology and Management of Congestion   click here
John Cleland What have Biomarkers got to Offer in Patients with Suspected Heart Failure   click here
Kwan Chan Echocardiography, do we need more than EF?   click here
Kwan Chan imaging of the right ventricle   click here
Martin Cowie Heart rate and heart failure click here
Martin Cowie Sleep disorders breathing in HF click here
Michael Macdonald Novel therapeutic approaches for nonresponders to initial ADHF therapy   click here
Michael Macdonald Updates about ICD and CRT in HF management   click here
Moen Aldeen Alsayed Inherited cardiomyopathies, spectrum, screening, and prognosis click here
Mohamed Al-Adamawi CMR and Heart Failure   click here
Nathem Alakhras Role of Clinical pharmacist in Heart failure management click here
Pascal Leprince Aortic stenosis and low EF   click here
Pascal Leprince Assist Devises, Update   click here
Soliman Kharabsha Peripartum cardiomyopathy, any new concepts? click here
Tarek Kashour Can we prevent chemotherapy induced cardiomyopathy? click here
Turki Alassiri Patient compliance, a therapeutic target click here
Waleed Abo-khodair CABG and SVR, lessons from STICH study   click here
Waleed Alhabeeb Myocarditis, when to biopsy, when to treat? click here
Waleed Almanea CRT in pediatric Heart Failure click here