The 3rd ACC-SHA Joint Meeting

Coronary Artery Disease -1
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Robert Vogel Cardiovascular Outcomes & Dietary Supplements Video
Suleiman Kharabsheh Treatment of Resistant Hypertension Video
Ziyad Ghazzaly Revascularization (PCI & CABG) vs. Medical Management in Stable CAD Video
Robert Vogel Clinical Applications of Molecular Genetics in Cardiology Video
Coronary Artery Disease -2
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Omer A. M. El-Amin Best Management Practices for Patients with Acute STEMI Video
Brian Olshansky Are we ready to give up warfarin? (Arrival of the New Anticoagulants) Video
Bashir Hanif Novel Antiplatelets in ACS Where Do we Stand? Video
Richard Lee Multi Vessel and Left Main: PCI vs CABG Video
Adult Congenital Heart Disease
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Jassim Abdulhamed Adult Congenital Heart Disease for the Cardiologist Video
Arif Hussain Pulmonary Hypertension in Adult Congenital Heart Disease Video
Khalid Najashi Pregnancy in Congenital Heart Disease Video
Faris Al-Mousily TOF in Adult Patients: A Case Presentation Video
Heart Faliure and Arrythmias
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Edward Soltesz Role of Device Therapy in low output states Video
Brian Olshansky Atrial Fibrillation Current Status: Ablation vs. Medical Treatment Video
Valvular Heart Disease/ Vascular
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Ziyad Ghazzal TAVI-Challenge for Starting a program Video
Syed Rahmatullah Early Elective Surgery vs. "Wait for Symptoms Strategy" Video
Edward Soltesz Thoracic Aortic Aneuysms/ Dissections-Current Strategies Video
Ahmed Hassan Carotid Artery Stenosis in Coronary Artery Bypass: Current Strategies Video
Cardiac Imaging
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Mouaz H. Al Mallah Chest pain in Emergency Room: Role of Cardiac CT Video
Faris Al-Mousily When to Rsort to Advanced Imaging in Adult Congenital Heart Disease Video